GUERARD Grégoire Active between Champagne... - Lot 28 - Rossini

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GUERARD Grégoire Active between Champagne... - Lot 28 - Rossini
GUERARD Grégoire Active between Champagne and Burgundy from 1512 to 1538. Saint Catherine of Alexandria Oil on panel. Walnut. Caption around the halo: KATHERINA VIRGINUS. Bottom left: the coat of arms of the Vienne - Dinteville family. On the reverse: Saint Christopher and the baby Jesus. Grisailles (lacks and accidents in the background and the lower part; spots) H.: 91 cm - W.: 54,8 cm Bibliography : 1 - Painting in Dijon in the 16th century. Mathieu Gilles. Three new panels by Grégoire Guérard, reproduced pp. 198 - 201 (Silvana Editoriale 2016). For Mathieu Gilles the blazon, mi part: to the dexter, Gules an eagle Or, and to the sinister quarterly, Azure a lion passant guardant Or on 1 & 4, and Azure a cross Or, between ten - eight billets Or on 2 & 3, "is that of the Vienne, one of the most important Burgundian families associated with the Dinteville family". The author specifies: "One finds exactly the same blazon on the heraldic tapestries of the castle of Commarin, ordered to celebrate the marriage in 1500 of Girard de Vienne (1470 ? - 1545), adviser and chamberlain of François I, lord among others of Ruffey, Commarin and Bouze (undoubtedly Bouze -Lès - Beaune), with Bénigne de Dinterville" (pp. 200 - 201). Er, p.136 - 137 (Silvana Editoriale 2016) 2 - Frédéric Elsig, Painting in Dijon in the 16th century. II. Under Francis I, pp. 136 -137 (Silvana Editoriale 2016) 3 - Frédéric Elsig, Grégoire Guérard, reproduced p.51, figs. 98 & 99; no. I. 29 of the catalogue, p. 133, where both sides of the panel are reproduced side by side (Silvana Editoriale 2017). The author states that this double-sided panel "obviously constitutes the right-hand side of a triptych whose other elements are unknown to us to this day". He hypothesizes that this triptych, commissioned by Girard de Vienne and his wife Bénigne de Dintevil
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