Our auctioneers and specialized experts team is available to you to defend your legacy rights.


Because of the competition it emulates within buyers, auctions are the safest and most reliable way to get the best price of a good, be it on the national or international market. Our appraisals are free of charge and confidential. They may be conducted at our valuation desk open every day from 9:30AM to 6PM, from our website or at your place of residence by appointment.


Only an inventory conducted by a certified auctioneer leads to a fair and indisputable division within the different parties. Our fees range from 1 to 2% (excl. tax) of the total appraisal amount, depending on the procedure. In case the sales takes place within the six months following the appraisal, this amount will be returned to you.


Within the framework of an inheritance, the appraisal of the real amount of your chattels allows you to avoid the 5% fee applied by the French IRS in such circumstances (Clause 764 of the general French IRS code). The combined work of our auctioneer and your notary public will allow you to cut your death taxes to their real value. This service is charged 380€ (excl. tax).

Insurance Appraisals

Preliminary or post disaster appraisal. In case of a disaster - robbery, water damage or fire - insurance companies will require you to justify the existence and the value of the damaged goods. Producing the evidence is the charge of the insured party (Clause 1315 of the Civil Code). Pictures are no more sufficient.

Rossini is empowered to provide authoritative Insurance valuations of the highest standard for fine and applied arts, through to the collecting categories.. This service may be conducted at your place of residence. This appraisal will enable your insurance agent to suggest you the guarantees that best fit your patrimony. In case of a disaster, it will enable you to meet your insurance company requirements as to be compensated properly. The Rossini auction house is the first in the “lle de France” to be ISO 9001 certified. This certification is a guarantee of quality and trust for our clients and partners.