Modern Art & Greek Art

mercredi 07 juillet 2021 14:30
Salle Rossini, 7, rue Rossini 75009 Paris
Sale information

Modern & Greek Art

Paintings, works on paper, 19th century, modern and contemporary sculptures

Exhibitions - limited public in the respect of the sanitary protocol

Salle des ventes Rossini - 7, rue Rossini 75009 Paris

Monday July 5th from 11am to 6pm

Tuesday July 6th from 11am to 6pm

Wednesday 7 July from 11am to 12pm

Physical auctions in the auction room according to the sanitary rules in force at the date of the sale and on prior registration

Reservation of a place in the auction hall is compulsory.

As space is limited, we recommend that you leave us a purchase order, a phone request or bid directly on Drouot Live or Interencheres Live.

For examination of lots and virtual visits, please contact us: +33 (0)1 53 34 55 18 -

Authorized auctioneer



Maude Laugeay - +33 (0)1 53 34 55 18


Michel Maket and Raphaël Maket

Members of the French Union of Experts

Professionals in Works of Art and Collectibles

17, avenue de Messine 75008 Paris

+ 33 (0)1 42 25 89 33


7, rue Drouot - 75009 Paris

Tel : 01 53 34 55 00

Sales conditions


Purchased lots will become available only after payment in-full has been made. The sale will be conducted in Euros. Purchasers will pay in addition to the hammer price, a buyer's premium of 23 % VAT excluded or 27.6 % VAT included. Purchasers will pay in addition to the hammer price, a buyer's premium of 23 % VAT excluded or 27.6 % VAT included. In addition to the hammer price and buyer fees of 23% without VAT - 27.6 with VAT, we inform you that buyers who will win lots : - on Drouot Digital live, will have to pay additional fees : 1.5% without VAT or 1.8% with VAT - on Interencheres live must pay an additional fee of : 3% without VAT or 3.6% with VAT


The auctionneer is bound by the indications in the catalogue,modified only by announcements made at the time of the sale noted in the legal records there of. An exhibition prior to the sale permits buyers to establish the conditions of the works offered for sale and no claims will be accepted after the hammer has fallen. Some difference may appear between the original work and its illustration, there will be no claims in such matter. The measurements are given only as an indication.


Should the auctionneer recognise two simultaneous bids on lot, the lot will be put up for sale again and all those present in the saleroom may participate in this second opportunity to bid.


If you wish to make a bid in writing, you should use the form included in this catalogue, accompanied by your bank references, to be received by us no later than two days before the sale.


If you wish to bid by telephone, please make your request tobe called in writing, accompagnied by your bank references, to be received by us no later than two days before the sale.


Buyers are advised to collect successfull lots as soon as possible to avoid handling and storage costs which may be incurred at their expense. S.V.V. Rossini is not responsible for the storage of purchased lots. Storage fees at S.V.V. Rossini: Any bulky furniture purchase (0,5 cubic meter) will be sent to the furniture storehouse the next morning after the sale, the fees are chargeable to buyers. For any present buyer the day of the auction, the storage expenses will be dued from 11 a.m the next day after the sale. For all buyers (web buyers, room buyers and ordering customer), storage fees shall be due and payable from the 10th day after the auction (without including weekends and national holidays).

The amount is 5€/day and invoice.

All lots with hammer price higher than 10.000 € will be subject to an assurance and administration fee of 1% inclusive of taxe, of the hammer price.

If payment is made by check, lots may not be withdrawn until the payment has been cleared.

If payment is made by cheque or by wire transfer, lots may not be withdrawn until the payment has been cleared. From the moment the hammer falls, sold items will become the exclusive responsability of the buyer.

The buyer will be solely responsible for the insurance, S.V.V.Rossini assumes no liability for any damage to items which may occur after the hammer falls. An export license can take five or ten weeks to process, although this time may be significantly reduced depending upon how promptly the buyer supplies the necessary information to S.V.V.Rossini.

Auction access restriction file


ROSSINI is a subscriber to the TEMIS Service, which allows users to view and make additions to the Auction access restriction file ("TEMIS File"), maintained by Commissaires-Priseurs Multimédia (CPM), public limited company with executive board, with registered office at 37 Rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, listed on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 437 868 425.

All auction sale invoices remaining unpaid after ROSSINI or subject to delays in payment may be added to the TEMIS File.

(1) Legal basis and purpose of the TEMIS File

The TEMIS File records instances of non-payment of auction sales invoices (e.g. payment delays or defaults) across all modes of bidder participation (i.e. in-person or remote) and may be viewed by all France-based auctioneers who subscribe to the service. Where a bidder fails to settle an auction sales invoice by the due date indicated on the invoice, ROSSINI may initiate the listing procedure. ROSSINI operates and uses the TEMIS File in the legitimate interests of TEMIS Service subscribers to prevent instances of non-payment and to protect the auction process.

(2) Organisations authorised to view the TEMIS File (beneficiaries)

The TEMIS File may be viewed by any sales organisation that is subscribed to the TEMIS Service (professionals and companies qualified to organise public sales events in accordance with applicable law and regulations, including Book III, Part II of the Commercial Code, "Auctions" (hereinafter "Professional Subscribers")), who seek to protect against instances of non-payment and safeguard their auction processes. The list of subscribers to the TEMIS service is available to view at, in the drop-down menu "Acheter aux enchères" (Buy at auctions), under "Les commissaires-priseurs" (Auctioneers).

(3) What happens if a bidder is listed on the TEMIS File

Where a bidder is added to the TEMIS File, ROSSINI may make access to auctions contingent on the use of payment methods or specific guarantees, or it may prevent the bidders from participating in auctions for which such guarantees cannot be provided. Bidders listed on the TEMIS File may face restrictions to their bidding activity at auctions operated by auctioneers with a Professional Subscription to the TEMIS service. This shall also result in temporary suspension of access to the live service, operated by CPM, in accordance with the general terms of use for this platform.

(4) Duration of listing

The length of time for which a bidder is listed on the TEMIS File depends on the number of unpaid auction sales invoices payable to Professional Subscribers to the TEMIS File, the total amounts owed, and their payment status (i.e. paid/unpaid). The duration of listing on the TEMIS File shall be reduced where the Bidder settles all instances of non-payment. It shall be increased where multiple unpaid auction sales invoices are listed against the bidder on the TEMIS File. An unpaid auction sales invoice shall be automatically deleted within 24 months where the bidder is included on one listing only, and within 36 months where the bidder is included on multiple listings.

(5) Responsibility

In the enforcement of data protection legislation, CPM and ROSSINI both act in the capacity of data controller. CPM is responsible for operating and maintaining the TEMIS File, which involves collecting subscriber data, sharing and communicating the personal data collected, as well as ensuring the protection of information systems hosting the TEMIS File. ROSSINI as a subscriber, is responsible for its use of the TEMIS File, which in particular includes communicating personal data regarding auctions to CPM for the TEMIS File listing procedure, updating and checking the accuracy of data, and reusing information on the TEMIS File.

(6) Rights of bidders

Bidders can find out if they are listed on the File or contest their listing by submitting a request in writing accompanied by proof of identity in the form of a copy of a relevant identity document:

- For listings added by ROSSINI : by post To ROSSINI – 7 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris or by email to,

- For listings added by other Professional Subscribers: by post to CPM, 37 Rue de Châteaudun, 75009, or by email to

All requests by Bidders to exercise their right of erasure, restriction or objection under applicable data protection legislation, as well as all other objections to a listing, must be sent to the Professional responsible for the listing, who shall forward an update request to CPM. In the event of difficulties, the bidder may contact CPM, who will handle the bidder’s complaint, attaching all details and supporting documentation. The Bidder may also submit a complaint regarding their listing on the TEMIS File to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) [3 Place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris, Cedex 07,]. For more information on the TEMIS File, bidders can view CPM's privacy policy, available at

(7) Bidder contact details

Important notifications relating to the auction process will be sent to the email and/or postal address that the bidder provides the auctioneer at the time of auction. The bidder must notify ROSSINI of any changes to their contact details.