SAINT-JUST (Louis-Antoine de). - Opinion... - Lot 144 - Rossini

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SAINT-JUST (Louis-Antoine de). - Opinion... - Lot 144 - Rossini
SAINT-JUST (Louis-Antoine de). - Opinion concerning the judgment of Louis XVI. Séance du 13 novembre 1792. Paris, De l'Imprimerie nationale, 1792. Leaflet in-8, 10 pp. unbound. First edition of this remarkable speech, a masterpiece of revolutionary prose (Roland Barthes). A collaborator of Robespierre and one of the most brilliant orators of the Revolution, Saint-Just (1767-1794) stirred up hatred for the king and called for a vote to kill him: "For me, I see no middle ground: this man must reign or die. [...] He oppressed a free nation; he declared himself its enemy; he abused the laws: he must die to ensure the rest of the people, since it was in his plans to overwhelm the people to ensure his own.
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