JACOBINS. - Collection of 145 pieces, almost... - Lot 109 - Rossini

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JACOBINS. - Collection of 145 pieces, almost... - Lot 109 - Rossini
JACOBINS. - Collection of 145 pieces, almost all relating to the Société des Amis de la Constitution and affiliated societies in the provinces, in 3 in-8 volumes, half vellum, orange spine binding (19th century). Very important collection of 145 pieces, in 3 volumes, relating to the Jacobins and affiliated civic and patriotic societies in France. The first two volumes mainly contain speeches delivered at sessions of the Société des Amis de la Constitution de Paris. Among the interesting items are speeches on the war by Louvet (January 9 and 18, 1792), Machenaud (January 29, 1792), Billaud-Varenne (January 29, 1792) and Sillery (February 2, 1792), texts by Pétion, Dubois de Crancé, Roederer, Louvet, etc. We also note : - DUBOIS DE CRANCÉ. Subscription project, presented to the Friends of the Constitution. October 28, 1790. Paris, De l'Imprimerie nationale, [1790]. Concerns the Oath of the Jeu de Paume, its safeguarding at the National Assembly and the commissioning of the painting from David. - LA HARPE. Discours sur la liberté du théâtre, delivered December 17, 1790. Paris, De l'Imprimerie nationale, [1790]. - BRISSOT. Discours sur la question de savoir si le Roi peut être jugé, delivered on July 10, 1791. Paris, De l'Imprimerie nationale, [1791]. - DUBOIS DE CRANCÉ. Discours sur le veto appliqué par le Roi au décret du 9 novembre 1791, contre les émigrés. Paris, De l'Imprimerie du Patriote François, 1791. - SIMONNE (Jean-Claude). Speech delivered on December 25, 1791. S.l.n.d.Messieurs, let us not conceal the fact, blood is needed to cement our nascent liberty and make it stable forever, since the shedding of blood seems an inevitable misfortune attached to all political revolutions. [...] Let us blow the war trumpet; let its sounds make tyrants tremble, shaking the thrones of the world; let the French run to arms; let them rally under the flags of liberty. - ROBESPIERRE (Maximilien). Réponse aux discours de MM. Brissot & Guadet du 25 avril 1792. Paris, De l'Imprimerie de Mayer, [an IV de la Liberté]. - SILLERY. Discours sur les sociétés populaires, et sur la lettre de M. Lafayette au corps législatif dans lequel ce général accuse la société des Amis de la Constitution de Paris, séante aux Jacobins, d'être la cause des troubles intérieurs. Pronounced June 25, 1792. Paris, De l'Imprimerie du Patriote François, [1792]. - DUBOIS DE CRANCÉ. Speech delivered at the Jacobin Society. [October 31, 1792]. [Paris], De l'Imprimerie de Mayer, [1792]. Denunciation of Marat: Marat, I pronounce his name without trembling, for soon I will be his judge... - FABRE D'ÉGLANTINES. Discours sur le projet d'économat national & sur les moyens d'approvisionner les Armées. S.l., De l'Imprimerie de Potier de Lille, [1793]. - LEPELETIER (Félix). Vie de Michel Lepeletier, représentant du peuple français, assassiné à Paris le 20 janvier 1793.Paris, De l'Imprimerie des Sans-Culottes, [1793]. - MARAT]. Adresse aux Français [Paris], De l'Imprimerie patriotique et républicaine, [1793]. Speech of July 26, 1793 on the death of Marat: "A new crime has just aroused the indignation of the friends of liberty, equality and humanity. The daggers sharpened by discord in Calvados have struck a representative of the people; and the day has scarcely passed when these mournful sounds were heard in Paris: Marat has just been assassinated, Marat is dead. The third volume contains numerous documents addressed to or emanating from provincial citizens' societies, mostly printed in the towns where they are established, amounting to some 25 items (extracts from minutes, regulations, requests for affiliation, etc.): Amiens, Ancenis, Besançon (imprimeries Briot et Simard), Bordeaux, Brest (imprimerie Malassis, 1790, 1791 et 1792), Chalons-sur-Saône (imprimerie Delorme Delatour, 1790), Charolles (imprimerie Baudinot), Clermont-Ferrand (imprimerie Denis Limet, 1790), Dijon (imprimerie Causse), Limoges (imprimerie des Amis de la Constitution), Limoux, Lisieux (imprimerie Delaunay), Marseille (imprimerie Rochebrun et Mazet, 1792), Montauban (imprimerie des Amis de la Constitution), Morlaix (imprimerie Guyon), Nantes (imprimerie Hérault, 1793), Poitiers, Pontoise, Rennes (imprimerie Robiquet), Riom (imprimerie Landriot, 1790), Seurre, Versailles (imprimerie Cosson), and Vesoul (imprimerie Poirson, 1794). These provincial prints published during the Revolution are very rare. Minor damage to some covers.
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