GOUGES (Olympe de). Avis pressant, ou Réponse... - Lot 98 - Rossini

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GOUGES (Olympe de). Avis pressant, ou Réponse... - Lot 98 - Rossini
GOUGES (Olympe de). Avis pressant, ou Réponse à mes calomniateurs. S.l.n.d. [circa 1790]. 8-page in-8 booklet, unbound. Vibrant indictment by Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793) against the pitiful & ridiculous slanderers, and in favor of the Patrie. I must be forced to add that being a widow at sixteen & having become my mistress, I was more exposed than any other; but in the midst of the pitfalls that surrounded me, an honorable career offered itself to my eyes [...]. With genius alone, I was thus able to make great discoveries & propose good means. [...] Will it be learned with indifference that I was the first to concern myself with the deplorable fate of negroes? Is the project of my patriotic fund so frowned upon? [...] It was still possible to impute to me that I was sold out to the government. How can I not confess to my sacrifices! If I have not traded my works, if I have given them freely to all the French, and if I have lost my rest and my health to this patriotic ardor, which has led me to this kind of composition, I will confess to the public that I have only damaged my purse and altered my days; but the cause is beautiful and precious in my eyes. [...] I do not expect any reward from the government, even though it is designed to appreciate fine deeds & to encourage my sex to great virtues. I have only two wishes before my death, and that is to see France flourish again, & the establishment of my patriotic theater.
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