"Travel Photography: Algeria, Tunisia, Greece,... - Lot 72 - Rossini

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"Travel Photography: Algeria, Tunisia, Greece,... - Lot 72 - Rossini
"Travel Photography: Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Austria Sites, views and types: "Jewish women", "Rich Moorish women", "Negress" Bare-breasted African woman, "Tunisian shepherd", "City woman, country woman", "Fatma", "The beggar" ... Algiers: Panorama of Algiers taken from the Marine, "Place de Gouvernement et la rue de la Marine", "Mosquée Djamaa Eldjadid", "Allée des Palmiers au Jardin d'Essai", "Allée des platanes au Jardin d'Essai". Constantine: "Le ravin de Sidi Mecid et la voûte du Rhummel", "Le rocher des martyrs et le pont de Sidi Rached", "Le ravin du Rhummel", "Panorama de Constantine". Tunis: "Bazar des revendeurs", "Rue des poteries". Greece: "Hadrian's Gate", "Athens, Tower of the Winds", "Theatre of Dionysus", "Erechtheion", "Parthenon"... Austria, Vienna: "Votive Church", "Volksgarten" (People's Garden), "Opernhaus", lively city street ... c. 1880 Very large album of 80 albumen prints mounted on album pages, photographers' credits: "Garrigues", "N.D Phot", "Collection AM Tunis", "Rhomaide", "A. Wimmer", most with typed captions in the image. From 20.5 x 27.5 cm to 81.5 x 20.5 cm 66 x 52 cm
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