Stanislas-Louis-Marie FRÉRON (1754-1802),... - Lot 348 - Rossini

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Stanislas-Louis-Marie FRÉRON (1754-1802),... - Lot 348 - Rossini
Stanislas-Louis-Marie FRÉRON (1754-1802), journalist, conventioneer (Paris), in charge of missions in the South of France where he distinguished himself by bloody repressions; after Thermidor, he led the reactionary youth and was the lover of Pauline Bonaparte. L.A.S., followed by a L.A.S. from Christophe Saliceticos signed by Fréron, Ricord and Robespierre Jeune, Ollioules 27 frimaire II (17 December 1793), to Barras; 3 pages in-4. Superb letter on the siege of Toulon, written two days before the recapture of Toulon by Dugommier on the English, after a bombardment of 11 hours ordered and led by the young Napoleon Bonaparte. "Victory, dear colleague! We attacked this morning at 2 o'clock the English redoubt; the battery of the Jacobins had struck it during the night; [...] The same system by which one wanted to disorganize your division developed here. A cry of "Sauve qui peut, à la Trahison" put for a few moments the second column in disarray. Fortunately, Fréron and Ricord [...] harangued it and rallied it. General Dugua put it back in battle; these two representatives of the people put themselves at its head", supported and encouraged by the others... "Nothing was more formidable than this redoubt, which can be compared to a fortress", defended by two thousand men and numerous pieces of heavy artillery, "But nothing resisted the Republican intrepidity"... He describes the sustained assaults and the lively shootings, to which the enemies responded with fury, the terror that seized the Spanish, English, Piedmontese and Neapolitan soldiers when the soldiers of Liberty penetrated their entrenchments. Many fled, the rest were taken prisoner," the tricolor flag was flown. However, he deplored the many losses, 50 brave men and 400 wounded... They had diverted their own means of defense against the Éguillette and were now in possession of all the heights, "which made us masters of the entrance to the harbor. [...] Tonight we will fire on the squadron with red balls [...] Toulon will be ours in a few days"... Barras being at the Mont Faron, he will be able to easily take the fort of Pomets: "Warn us of these movements: Your successes operate the happiest diversion and the enemy has absolutely lost his head"... Saliceti adds on the 3rd page that the enemy has just evacuated the Fort Balaguier and the Éguillette: "tomorrow the squadron will be heated"... Etc.
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