François-Marie-Jean DU BIGNON (1754-1817)... - Lot 347 - Rossini

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François-Marie-Jean DU BIGNON (1754-1817)... - Lot 347 - Rossini
François-Marie-Jean DU BIGNON (1754-1817) conventionnel (Ille et Vilaine). L.A.S., Tours 21 frimaire II [December 11, 1793], to fellow citizens; 2 pages in-4 (stamp of the Crawford collection). On the Fête de la Raison in Tours, threatened by the Vendéens. "The uncertainty in which I was on the movements of the Rebels, who pressed by the armies of the Republic could from one moment to the other carry themselves on Tours; this uncertainty retained me until this day in this commune which my duty forbade me to leave as long as it would not be sheltered from the insults of a ferocious and desperate enemy. [...] At last, the Rebels will soon be no more. Yesterday, the feast of Reason was celebrated in Tours. Some men full of philosophy are increasing the public spirit day by day. All the citizens show a complete devotion to the interests of the fatherland. Truth is too powerful not to make the most rapid progress everywhere when its Doctrine is taught by ardent and sure men. I believe I can assure the National Convention that thanks to the male virtues of the citizens who lead the Commune of Tours, soon the Republic will have in Tours the most numerous and zealous defenders. I owe the testimony to the Commune of Tours that at the moment when the Rebels threatened its walls, there was in Tours only one cry, for Liberty, for the Republic. The popular Society holds a school of morals there which will vigorously maintain the sacred fire of the Fatherland "...
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