COMMITTEE OF GENERAL SAFETY. 3 P.S., (November... - Lot 343 - Rossini

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COMMITTEE OF GENERAL SAFETY. 3 P.S., (November... - Lot 343 - Rossini
COMMITTEE OF GENERAL SAFETY. 3 P.S., (November 1793-January 1794); 1 page in-fol. each on the letterhead of the Committee of General Safety. On the accomplices of the theft of the diamonds of the Crown. - 2 frimaire II (November 22, 1793), P.S. by Amar, Gr. Jagot, Louis (of the Bas-Rhin), Élie Lacoste, on the arrest in Rouen, with order of transfer to Paris, of "Gallois, known as Matelot, and being named Fleury du Mortier, already condemned to death in the affair to which the theft of the Diamonds of the Crown gave place "... - 2 nivôse II (December 22). P.S. by Mr. Bayle, Dubarran, Lacoste, Louis (of the Bas-Rhin) and Vadier, request for information to the Committee of surveillance of Rouen on thefts and misdeeds committed in Rouan by Dumortier, and his accomplice Olivier. - 26 nivôse II (January 15, 1794), by Amar, Dubarran, Gr. Jagot, Louis (of Bas-Rhin) and Ph. Rühl, worrying about the number of malicious and counter-revolutionaries in Rouen. Plus a document from Publicola Chomel, secretary of the Committee, for the delivery of the named Olivier and Mazuel.
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