Georges COUTHON (1755-1794) lawyer, deputy... - Lot 340 - Rossini

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Georges COUTHON (1755-1794) lawyer, deputy... - Lot 340 - Rossini
Georges COUTHON (1755-1794) lawyer, deputy to the Legislative Assembly, Conventional (Puy-de-Dôme), member of the Committee of Public Safety; arrested on 9 thermidor, he was guillotined. P.A.S. (9 lines) and 2 autograph apostilles signed, 28 brumaire II (November 18, 1793), following a letter from citizen CHAMBAUD, "de la Maison de Reclusion de la Commune de Clermont Fd" 17 brumaire, "au Représentant du Peuple Georges Couthon"; 4 pages in-4 (portrait attached). Chambaud addresses Couthon: he has been arrested at his country house by order of the assembly of the district of Billom... "the motives are uncivilizedness and being a suspect citizen. [...] I believe that you recognize a true Republiquain, that you return to his fatherland". Couthon has forwarded the letter to the Supervisory Committee of Clermont, which, not concerned by this matter, returns the letter to Couthon, who then sends it back to the district of BILLOM. The administrators of the district explain in their turn that, at the time of "the mass rising of the citizens of the department to go against the rebels of Rhone and Loire", Chambaud had gone to his countryside in disregard of the decrees ordering to remain in his municipality. Couthon notes then: "Vû the note of the Committee of Surveillance of Clermont in margin of the presentepetition.After having heard several patriotic citizens who have given good testimony of Chambaud's conduct, the people's representative decides that he will be provisionally set free except to present himself when he will be required to do so"... A letter from his wife is attached: L.A.S. "widow couthon" (1 page oblong in-8), claiming furniture brought in when the seals were lifted, "a wooden box of chain, a mattress, a work of art"... Former collection André Saudemont (15-16 March 1983, n° 333).
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