Wars of VENDÉE. Period copy of a letter from... - Lot 338 - Rossini

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Wars of VENDÉE. Period copy of a letter from... - Lot 338 - Rossini
Wars of VENDÉE. Period copy of a letter from citizen Le Saint to citizen Danet, of Vannes, Nantes November 17, 1793; 4 pages in-4. Interesting account of the situation of the Republican army in the face of the royalist "brigands", and the movements of the troops under the orders of Generals Grouchy, Beysser who "burned many houses, took cattle, he destroyed a hundred brigands scattered on the roads", Kleber ("Kelber") who "went to the port of St. Père where there were at least 4000 brigands& 7 pieces of artillery; The vanguard of this column of 200 soldiers crossed the canal of the port of St. Père, partly by fording, partly by swimming and by boat, assisted by the fire of a howitzer, a new weapon for the seditious, and killed 40 brigands& dispelled the rest. Port-Saint-Père was completely burned; the next day "Kelbert went to St Marc", Aubert-Dubayet and Canclaux occupied Saint-Étienne de Corcoué, then Léger and Montaigu, and abandoned them after refueling. The troops have taken Palluau, then Vertou, which is on fire; the army of Saumur has taken Doué and will join that of Canclaux. Cholet and Saint Fulgur are still in the hands of the royalists, but they should not resist for long. Canclaux's plan is to move on the departments of the Vendée and the Deux Sèvres, another army will attack on the side of the department of the Vienne, and General Rossignol will come on the side of La Rochelle. "I believe that all these Brigands will be dissipated before the end of the month, but will not be reduced. [...] I reiterate that the flames are destroying these superb regions, which are covered with ashes, announcing the nearby eruption of some volcano"...
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