Jean-Marie COLLOT D'HERBOIS (1749-1796) conventionnel... - Lot 336 - Rossini

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Jean-Marie COLLOT D'HERBOIS (1749-1796) conventionnel... - Lot 336 - Rossini
Jean-Marie COLLOT D'HERBOIS (1749-1796) conventionnel (Paris), member of the Comité de Salut public, one of the most fiery Jacobins. P.S., co-signed by Sébastien LAPORTE, Ville-affranchie [Lyon] 17 brumaire II (November 7, 1793); 1 1/2 pages large folio, vignette and header Les Représentans du Peuple envoyés près l'Armée des Alpes, et dans différens Départemens de la République. Requisition of grains. They are "informed that requisitions of grains for the consumption of the army were made to various administrations; that several sought to cover themselves of the responsibility, by claiming that the bleds are not yet beaten in the extent of their jurisdiction; that the malevolence seizes with greed this frivolous pretext to put obstacles to the supply of the markets and to give worries to the people on its subsistence"... They take a decree in seven articles: "All the grains, which in the month, from the date of the notification of the present decree, will not be beaten, will be confiscated for the benefit of the republic and poured into its stores".Commissioners will be sent in each canton, "to make pour in the public stores so much the grains which will not have been beaten, that those beaten or not beaten which would not have been declared by the owners"; they are authorized to employ the law of the maximum, and to "require the armed force for the support of their operations"...
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