Jean-Baptiste HARMAND (1751-1816) conventionnel... - Lot 333 - Rossini

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Jean-Baptiste HARMAND (1751-1816) conventionnel... - Lot 333 - Rossini
Jean-Baptiste HARMAND (1751-1816) conventionnel (Meuse). L.A.S., 7 brumaire II (October 28, 1793), to his colleagues of the Committee of General Safety and Surveillance; 2 pages and a quarter in-fol. on letterhead Le Représentant du Peuple, député par la Convention nationale dans les Départemens..., vignette. Vivedefense of a first cousin persecuted by an enemy member of the committee of his Section, ci-devant of Luxembourg: Nicolas HARMAND, man of law, justice of peace of the first election, avoided the abusive arrest, but not the affixing of seals on his residence: "he is not ardent like the late Marat, but neither is he a political escobar like Brissot, he liked Buzot and his clique even less, and he cordially hated the emigrants, the nobles and the priests [...He never signed any petition, nor frequented any society or anticivil society club, he is of a severe probity, one cannot make any reproach to him however one wants to incarcerate him [...] I answer you brothers and friends, that there are more than thousand in Paris less worthy than him of freedom, and that such who makes arrest should often take the place of the arrested one "... 2 P.A.S., Angoulême 14 brumaire II (November 4, 1793): receipts for six horses required from the cantons of Saint-Hermine and Saint-Michel-en-l'Herm, district of Fontenay-le-Peuple, "for the service of the Republic"...
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