Laurent de GOUVION SAINT-CYR (1764-1830)... - Lot 332 - Rossini

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Laurent de GOUVION SAINT-CYR (1764-1830)... - Lot 332 - Rossini
Laurent de GOUVION SAINT-CYR (1764-1830) marshal of the Empire and minister. 2 L.A.S., 1erbrumaire II (October 22, 1793) and 20 pluviôse II (February 8, 1794), to deputy Ruamps; 4 1/2 pages in-4, one address with black wax seal (broken) and postal mark Armée de la Moselle. Interesting military letters. Schalfausen1erbrumaire II (October 22, 1793). Account of the attacks against the allies and the army of the emigrants of the prince of Condé. He takes advantage of a moment when the cannon is silent, to send news of the last combats of the Army of the Rhine: "You know the project that I had formed or conceived to fall on the bodies of the Emigrants, this barbaric horde". Some generals objected that such offensives risked "giving the enemy the alarm and perhaps antagonizing the army of the Moselle; that, moreover, 2 or 3,000 exterminated émigrés were very little compared to the great objectives that were proposed"... After long deliberations, it was decided that the attack would be made on the corps in front of Saverne on the 28th" and the Émigrés were given another respite. To facilitate the Saverne operation, GalFérino, who had returned to his division, was ordered to send GalFerrey with 4 battalions to flank Burcy's right [killed shortly after]. I followed the rest of the Division, augmented by a strong Cavalry Regt and commanded by Ferino, to make a false attack on the Émigrés. [...] We attacked them on the spot and with vigor, by dint of shells we forced them to withdraw to the heights behind Odfelden"... This is followed by an account of the actions of Generals Michaud and Desaix, who fought obstinately. In spite of some partial failures, their operations had happy results; in spite of the fact that Fort Vauban surrendered to the enemy...St-Imbert20 pluviôse II (February 8, 1794). The front is very agitated: "The army of the Moselle had to go to Trèves. 3 divisions commanded by Hoche, had to cross the Moselle at Thionville and march on the left bank of this river, while 3 other divisions commanded by Moreaux marched on the right bank, we were already at StVender when the order came to withdraw to take cantonnemens of yver, which had become of the greatest necessity, the army being very tired, the soldier and the officer naked and without shoes ". He is exhausted with fatigue, and asks his correspondent to do him the great service of obtaining for him a permission of one month to go to Paris of which he has no news, etc.
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