A Gold Medal of the Coronation of Louis XV... - Lot 63 - Rossini

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A Gold Medal of the Coronation of Louis XV... - Lot 63 - Rossini
A Gold Medal of the Coronation of Louis XV in Reims Obverse: Legend. Crowned bust, dressed and decorated with the Collar of the Order of the Holy Spirit. Signature : J. C. Roët. F on the obverse. Reverse: Legend. Scene of the Anointing of the King. In the exergue: REMIS 25. OCTOB. 1722. Diameter : 38 mm. - Weight : 31.76 g. Louis XV was only 5 years old when Louis XIV died in 1715. He will be entrusted to his great uncle Philippe d'Orléans, named Regent. The royal majority being fixed at 13 years, it is a few months before this one that the coronation will take place in Reims, thus conferring him the integrality of his power. Joseph Charles ROËTTIERS (1692-1779) came from a family of engravers and goldsmiths from Flanders in the 17th century, who monopolized the position of General Engraver of Coins from 1682 to 1792. Appointed in 1715 Graveur Ordinaire des Médailles du Roi, then in 1720 Graveur Particulier de la Monnaie du Louvre and finally in 1727 Graveur Général des Monnaies, until 1753. This medal seems to be unpublished in this metal for this diameter, of any rarity. (Bronze : SOMBART 58 B) Minute traces of scratches on the listel, a tiny trace of test on the edge. Very beautiful to Superb.
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