MORELLET (Father André). Brief on the current... - Lot 89 - Rossini

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MORELLET (Father André). Brief on the current... - Lot 89 - Rossini
MORELLET (Father André). Brief on the current situation of the Compagnie des Indes. Second edition. Found in Paris, Desaint, 1769. - NECKER (Jacques)]. Answer to the Memoir of Father Morellet on the Compagnie des Indes... Paris, De l'Imprimerie royale, 1769. - [MORELLET]. Examination of the Answer of Mr. N** to the Memorandum... September 1769. Found in Paris, Desaint, 1769, set of 3 volumes in-4, bound, untrimmed, covers of tourniquet paper (Bindings of the time). INED, No. 3306. Second edition, enlarged, published the same year as the original, decorated with a folding table : General statement of the annual expenditure of the Compagnie des Indes (p. 131). A technical memoir, imbued with physiocratic theory, in which Abbé Morellet (1727-1819) condemned exclusive privilege in favour of full freedom of trade. The author] sets out here, with the help of calculations, the true situation of the Company's affairs, according to authentic statements emanating either from the Company, or from deputies, directors, or other personalities generally favourable to privilege (INED). Necker's Answer, which criticizes and refutes Morellet's remarks, as well as the Examination..., are in original edition (cf. INED, n°3370 and n°3300). Stapled copies, as published, under uniform cover. Brooches and covers slightly used. Attached: - Arrest of the King's State Council, Concerning the Trade of India. Of August 13, 1769. Paris, De l'Imprimerie royale, 1769. In-4, 4 pages, in sheet form. Original edition of this important royal edict which put an end to the activities of the Compagnie des Indes: His Majesty has acknowledged that the Company has so far taken no steps to put itself in a position to supply the Isles of France & Bourbon, & to fulfil the obligation imposed on it by its privilege to carry on without interruption its trade in India. ...] this failure is the result of the lack of funds available to them f
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