CONSIDERING (Victor). Social destiny. Paris,... - Lot 41 - Rossini

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CONSIDERING (Victor). Social destiny. Paris,... - Lot 41 - Rossini
CONSIDERING (Victor). Social destiny. Paris, Chez les libraires du Palais-Royal, September 1834 [then: Au Bureau de la Phalange, 1838 for volume II; and À la librairie de l'école sociétaire, 1844 for volume III]. 3 volumes in-8, green half calf, spine plain and decorated (contemporary binding). Del Bo, p. 10 - Einaudi, No. 1247. - Versins, p. 201. Very rare first edition of the major work of Victor Considérant (1808-1893), the main popularizer of the Fourierist doctrine. It is decorated with a frontispiece engraved on wood after a drawing of the author, representing a phalanstery. In all the rich Phalansterian literature there is not a propaganda work that can stand comparison with Social Destiny. ...] In terms of order, logic, method, clarity, attractiveness, Destinée sociale meets all that can be demanded of a work of this kind (Dommanget, Victor Considérant, p. 17). Victor Considérant, editor-in-chief of the review Phalanstère since 1832, founded La Phalange in 1836 and became, on Fourier's death a year later, the leader of the phalansterian movement. In this book, he exposes and widely publicizes the social theory of Charles Fourier, whom he considers to be the Christopher Columbus of the new social world (vol. I, p. 336). His definition of political economy is not surprising: Political Economy, a jumble of more or less null, more or less false elucubrations, made by doctors without genius, who have never been able to see anything in advance, and who have often not even seen things accomplished (t. I, p. 323). Complete copy of everything that has been published, without mention of edition and at the right dates. A few freckles. Small brown ink stain at the angular tip of about twenty leaves in volume II. Restoration at the end of volume I. Volume III is bound in imitation, with the printed cover preserved.
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