BIELOVUCIC Jean (1889-1949) Important set... - Lot 334 - Rossini

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BIELOVUCIC Jean (1889-1949) Important set... - Lot 334 - Rossini
BIELOVUCIC Jean (1889-1949) Important set of photographs or photo cards of the aviator or his environment including : Postcard of airman Chemet Georges (1891-1917) at the command of his plane. Signed Geo Chemet, with a consignment on the back " to my good comrade Jean Bielovucic. In memory of our common learning - Geo Chemet". Task lower left corner. Around 1910. 6 photo cards of the Deperdussin monoplane in flight in Reims (signed L. Loth) Drawing of the flight at Saint Quentin on Oct. 6, 1912 on Hanriot monoplane SERENI photographer in Bordeaux, 4 photo cards (two identical), unwritten, one of them autographed, located and dated on the back Bordeaux 3 sept 1910 and a bust photograph (22x14 cm) laminated. Eug. Pirou 5 Bard St Germain, three-quarter length, arms folded. Dim. 17x12 cm. Laminated on a cardboard (freckles) M. Moral Union (Mercaderes) 482 LIMA, PERU, in bsute de profil droit. Dim. 22x16 cm. Mounted on a cardboard box. 70 pieces in total. Provenance: family of aviator Jean Bielovucic
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