GUILLAUMET Henri (1902-1940) Bronze medal... - Lot 276 - Rossini

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GUILLAUMET Henri (1902-1940) Bronze medal... - Lot 276 - Rossini
GUILLAUMET Henri (1902-1940) Bronze medal Obverse: bust in aviator's outfit, straight profile. Inscription : HENRI GUILLAUMET - 1902-1940. Sbd: Georges Guiraud. Reverse: plane in flight. Inscription: what I did I swear no beast would have done. Smooth slice. Diameter: 3.30 cm. Note: French aviator, pilot of the Latécoère airlines, then Aéropostale and Air France. In Spain, over the Western Sahara, in the Andes, over the South Atlantic and then the North Atlantic, he contributed to the glory of the Aéropostale and to the opening of many French trade routes.
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