Autographs - French Revolution Guy Gaulard Collection : Part 1

mercredi 20 avril 2022 11:00
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Autographs - French Revolution Guy Gaulard Collection: Part 1

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"Guy Gaulard is a man of passion, as his collection reflects.

He is first and foremost passionate about his city of Alençon, where he practiced his profession as a pharmacist-biologist, and whose rich architectural heritage he has actively contributed to safeguard.

Passionate about history, and particularly about the French Revolution, he compulsively collected letters, autographed documents and books (the part of his rich library devoted to the colonies and slavery was dispersed by Rossini in March 2019, the one on political economy in November 2020).

More than the great names, he was interested in the events and the actors, sometimes obscure, even the anonymous people, to try to understand how we could go from the Rights of Man to the Terror, then to its overthrow, how finally this Revolution was accepted, followed or rejected. The complex personality of his compatriot Jacques-René Hébert particularly fascinated him.

In public sales, in booksellers' shops, he was passionately looking for significant documents. Thus, at Charavay, he was able to acquire from the late Michel Castaing the enormous collection of conventionals assembled by the Saint-Mandéen Léon Muller, from which many of the items in this catalog come, in particular the series of documents on the days of Prairial.

I remember how excitedly he came to inform me of his recent finds, many of which came from the important collections of Étienne Charavay and Patrice Hennessy.

Through the documents presented here, one can relive the revolutionary days, the parliamentary debates, the popular insurrections, the wars of the Vendée or the Chouannerie, the maneuvers of the emigrants, the troubles in the colonies, in short, history in the making.

The Gaulard collection will remain as one of the great collections on the French Revolution.

Thierry BODIN


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